Our client is a leading financial services & asset management organization founded in 1985 with over 50 employees. They have successfully done different streams in their Cloud Journey. Office 365 has been implemented, as well as a part of their infrastructure which is currently running on Azure.

Around 24 applications and services are still running on their On Prem infrastructure with some of them that are business critical.

The asset management organization wanted to do an assessment on their remaining infrastructure & application and define the migration strategy to move to Azure.

This was also the opportunity to refactor applications especially on SQL management.

Once the Migration Path was defined the objective was to perform the application migration. The process was the following:

POC -> Pilot-> Production

Our Approach to Migrate to azure with confidence

Our proposed solution and approach :

  • Define the Migration strategy
  • Design the target landing zone for the target business applications
  • Perform a data migration assessment using SQL Server Migration Assistant
  • Workloads Data migration, including service transition and Testing phases for production



  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQL Server Migration Assistant
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure SQL Server MI
  • Azure Landing Zone, MFA, CA, Azure AD

Client Benefits

Facilitate infrastructure management

Reduce TCO for application

Set the foundation for leveraging new cloud capabilities and modernize application

Centralize the branch offices infrastructures workloads by migrating to Microsoft Azure workloads (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and Hybrid).

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