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Do your employees trust their O365 as much as they do their banks?

October 2020

A large numbers of companies rely strongly on Office 365 services to manage data and processes and thanks to sophisticated cloud based environments, enable them to communicate and collaborate from multiple location points (office, home, while travelling).

At the same time, security has never been more important for organizations to master when implementing cloud-based and hybrid environments.

In this webinar, discussed the security risks surrounding the use of Office 365 and outlined best practice suggestions for ensuring data remains safe while using complex cloud-based services.

OSB & Coreview webinar

agenda & speaker

October 2020

Within 60′, One Step Beyond’s Technology Director, Hugo Pain and CoreView’s Senior Solutions Architect, Matt Smith tackled the below topics:

Understand the risks of failing to secure your office and home-based networks

How CoreView’s solutions can secure your O365 environment

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NB: This webinar was held in English

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