Our client is a leading oil trading organization founded in 2007 with over 230 employees worldwide. They are based in Geneva, London, Singapore, Dubai and Houston. After being convinced that the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) was the right Public Cloud provider for their application, our oil trading industry client was looking to migrate all their business applications to Azure.

The main objective was to reduce their operation management on VM, Reduce TC and prepare for the modernization of their application (mid-term).

Our client defined aggressive migration target for workload to the cloud.

Our Approach to Migrate to azure with confidence

OSB Proposed to perform a migration assessment to evaluate the complexity of the migration (Technical, Security, Processes)

Based on the Assessment results, we defined the target Azure Landing Zone, aligned with the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

The migration approach was made in 2 steps

1.Lift & Shift of Windows and SQL servers

2.Application Modernization to PaaS (Refactor)



  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure SQL Server MI
  • Azure Landing Zone

Client Benefits

Better operational efficiency

Cost reduction

Faster development / deployment cycle

Modernization of the infrastructures

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